Picture gallery

Young Proust, 1887

Galley proof of 'Du côté de chez Swann'

The Circle of the Rue Royale - Charles Haas, far right ('Swann')

Robert de Montesquiou ('Baron de Charlus')

Laure Hayman ('Odette, the lady in pink')

Private Proust, 1889-90

Proust's bedroom, Musée Carnavalet

Louisa de Mornand 'Albertine', 'Rachel')

Vermeer's 'View of Delft'

MS of last page of Time Regained

Sarah Bernhardt ('Berma')

Marie de Benardaky ('Gilberte')

Comtesse Greffulhe ('Duchess de Guermantes')

Madame Arman De Caillavet and Anatole France ('Madame Verdurin', 'Bergotte')

Madeleine Lemaire ('Madame Verdurin')

Méry Laurent ('Odette')

Alfred Drefus

Anatole France ('Bergotte')

Charles Haas ('Swann')

Proust aged 21, portrait by Jacques-Emile Blanche

Saint-Jacques Church, Illiers-Combray ('Saint-Hillaire')

Proust after seeing View of Delft, 1921

Proust, Robert de Flers and Lucien Daudet, 1893

Proust with aristocratic friends

Illiers-Combray, Rue de Chartres

Proust and friends

Proust with his mother and brother

Proust on his deathbed, by Man Ray